Thursday, 30 November 2017

It’s the festive season. You’d probably noticed.

No work in the vineyard in November to make sure as much as possible of the energy from the leaves and shoots gets drawn back into the vines’ trunks and roots before we cut them off. Pruning can start whenever all the leaves have fallen, but we still havent had a frost and a few green leaves still cling.

Ive been busy in the lull, trying to get this new website ready for Christmas orders. I do it myself but I’m no expert so it takes me a while. Got a bit more delayed when I spilled a small but lethal festive slurp of Leonora’s on my laptop on Monday. Now it’s in the Apple hospital up at Cribb’s Causeway, and we’re hopeful. Apparently wine-on-keyboard is one of their most common faults… 

But if you’re reading this it means Ive managed to get the website up, anyway. Hooray! Check out our Christmas Shop if you’ve got that far in your thinking. Our vouchers for a tour-tasting-and-3-bottles-to-choose-and-take make popular experiential presents, just a few clicks and its done! And a special page of Christmas ideas. Been taking some new photos for the website too. Bit random but I hope seasonally cheery. Some of the pages are carried over from the old site - I’ll be updating them bit by bit.

Blackmore By Candlelight has come an gone. Another triumph of organisation by the lovely team at Blackmore Farm, and as always an atmospheric occasion to usher in the festivities, but not helped by a chilly easterly and blustery showers. Iain and I took it in turns to brave the elements.

And another reason to celebrate for us. We have become grandparents!  Announcing the birth of Liv, daughter to Nora and our youngest, Fred. Regular readers will remember Nora and Fred held an amazing celebration of their wedding here in the vineyard back in the summer. Liv was born in Copenhagen, where Fred and Nora are making their new home after moving back there after two years in Hong Kong. Here’s yours truly, proud grandmother, taking swift advantage of Easyjet’s direct flights from Bristol while Iain held the fort at home.

Soon we’ll be pruning. No excuses once this websites sorted!