Sunday, 4 March 2018

You’ll be sorry to hear we passed up the chance to snowboard down the vineyard on nearly a foot of snow, video-ing as we went. Well, actually we don’t have a snowboard. But we do have a sledge, which has been pressed into service to move hay and straw bales. Wheelbarrows don’t do too well in snow.  It’s our first serious snow since Christmas 2010 and the deepest fall since we came here in ‘85. And it’s MARCH!

We are focusing instead on maintaining a big pile of logs indoors and finding things to do by the fire. Anno domini, discretion the better part etc. Dug out the wonderful studded boot safety chains that daughter Liz gave us in 2010, for when we do have to go out to feed and water the horses, bring in wood and negotiate through to the truck. 

Our trusty 2003 Isuzu Trooper made easy work of the ten inches of snow Friday morning and we made it uneventfully out over the hill  to Bridgwater. We needed to get some change from the bank for the planned Bridgwater Food Fest Saturday. Is it the best 4x4 in the world?  Got our vote!!

Actually HSBC turned out to be closed and on the way home Facebook (isn’t it a wonderful thing in unusual times?) told us the Food Fest the next day was cancelled. Sad but wise. But the outing did give us the chance to see Cannington and Bridgwater looking beautifully Victorian with the modern road trappings covered up.

Here are some pictures. Now it’s thawing l have braved a bit of pruning to keep it ticking over.


The sun's coming out. Maybe I will try the sledge in the vineyard ...